First Hannibal T50 in france

After intensive demonstrations in Morvan in burgundy region our customerBongard-Bazot et Fils (BBF) decided to invest in the first Hannibal T50 in France, the machine was sold by our dealer Clohse. Hannibal T50 impressed harvesting a old douglas stock with up 110cm tree stump diameter with its unmatched performance in this compact machine design. This strong stock was no problem for the Hannibal T50 because of the Impex 12000 harvesting head with 1,2 meter felling diameter, 83 cm roller opening, best in class hydraulic and lifting capacity, and the telescopic undercarriage.


T50 in the french magazine Mecanisation Forestiere 

This impressive demonstration was topic in a article in the french forestry magazine Mecanisation Forestiere, with the Hannibal on the cover.


 Meca 201907 Titel-1


After a short flashback on Impex history, the article is about the technical details of the T50 such as the tree holder, special telescopic undercarriage, and impressive performance of the machine. The topic of the article is further about the organisation about this demonstration between our dealer Clohse and BBF.




Our demonstrator operator Andreas tells about his throughout positive experience with the Hannibal T50 in different typs of forests and trees. After this the article referes to the details of the Impex harvesting head.




Summarizing the working strategy at standing tree harvesting, the conclouson is that the T50 is a convincing addition to the BBF line up of harvesters. Maybe the machine is now more often seen in the Morvan area...