Facelift: Impex reveals new 2020 Hannibal T50 model

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Bogen, 25.10.2019

Impex adds even more comfort, performance and profitability to the Hannibal Series in its new MY 2020 models.  


Hydraulic pumps 950 liter/minute

As the market demands for more hydraulic capacity, Impex's answer is a new optional 950 liter/minute pump configuration. Despite the standard 700 liter configuration with three pumps, a axial piston pump is directly bolted behind a swash plate pump. This hydraulic capacity is everywhere in the machine availible where it is needed, because of the perfect tuned hydraulic architecture with demand actuated distribution of the hydraulic flow. This delivers exceptional performance even in hard conditions, such as deciduous timber operation.


Harvesting head Impex 12000: 1536 cm^3 feed roller motors 

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Another improvement on the machines hydraulics: The impex 12000 harvesting head is now availble with 1536 cm^3 feed roller motors as an option. As there is an increasing demand on deciduous timber operation, higher feed roller force improves the performance in this hard conditions significantly.


New MaxCab 2 

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The new MaxCab 2 offers compared to the old MaxCab new designed and larger windows and windshield. The windshield is now one piece from window to floor. As the cabs frame and trim parts were thinned, this brings the visibility of the cab to a new level. It is now 150 mm longer, bringing more space and storage possibilities behind the seat to the operator. The MaxCab2 offers a working enviroment for the operator which is unique in the excavator and excavator harvester segment, resulting in high performance and minimized operator fatigue.


Hydraulic foldable service flaps 

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The hydraulic opening service flaps are another improvement in terms of comfort and safety. The operator can walk on the flaps which provides a perfect accessability of all components and a easy serviceability. Safe working is ensured as the top/side of the flaps are designed closed. This new design is also a rugged and high quality solution to save the upper carriage from dirt and the hard conditions in the forest. The LED working lights on the side of the machines are mounted in the service flaps where they are safe from branches.


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There is a hydraulic auxilliary pump mounted in the machine for opening and closing the flaps. The push buttons for operating these are mounted under the cab for the left side, and on the right side for the right flap. That way the operator can watch the opening and closing of the flaps and damages can be avoided. They can also be operated when the engine is not running, and have hand pump in case of a emergency.



Customer Storry Castell zu Castell, Austria


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The Hannibal T50 is a machine with unmatched performance. It’s convincing design features compactness at a moderate 50 ton dead weight. The machine has at full 15 meter reach oft he impex made special forestry crane perfect stability, even when harvesting 4-5 solid cubic meter spruces. Reason for that ist he well balanced weight distribution and the telescopic undercarriage with up to 85 cm telescopic way.


In 2018, the forestry administration Castell & Castell in Hochburg, Austria, invested in a Hannibal T50 with tree holder, telescopic undercarriage and Impex 12000 harvesting head. Castell & Castell has a spruce and hard wood operation with about 12400 acres, right behind the German – Austrian border near Burghausen.  


The Hannibal T50 substitutes a MY 2010 Impex Königstiger T30 with Lako 83 harvesting head. Dr. Bernhard Mitterbacher, forestry chief at Castell & Castell: „Our first Impex machine was a Königstiger crawler harvester from 2004. We operated it towards the end of the operational Life with a Lako 83 harvesting head, the machine was a bit to small for the head. In terms of engine & hydraulic output and weight we operated at the limit. The Königstiger T30 could offer this additionally needed capacity in 2010. At the next investment decision in a new machine in 2018 the same thougts wer crucial: A bit more capacity in all belongings. Upright tree harvesting was a non – issue for us.“


At Castell & Castell for regeneration is used first and foremost natural regeneration.

That is why already before buying the T50, Castell was very carefull with the natural regeneration. The trees where felled feathered towards the skid trail, the crown of the trees falling on the skid trails. After that, the tree was moved with the harvesters delimbing knifes to the skid trail, where it was cut to length. „I did know about the upright tree harvesting for a longer time, but i was sceptical about that. I thought it is exaggerated, to complicated. A Hannibal T50 demonstration gave me the chance, to deal closer with upright tree harvesting. It was found, that it worked excellent and outstandingly well“, says Dr. Mitterbacher. „The Hannibal has all in all a superior performance, especially in selective timber harvesting. The old system was ok for me, but with upright tree harvesting you have almost no felling damages.“


Above that the Impex 12000 harvesting head’s big 1,2 meter felling diameter convinced Castell & Castell. No additional lumberjacks are needed anymore, when harvesting trees with 2 to 3 solid cubic meter. The Impex 12000 head has a light weight 2200 kg, so there are huge 4,5 ton net lifting capacity left for upright tree harvesting. Castells director of operations Mr. Allerstorfer, adressed on the machines operators comfort: In my eyes, the operator comfort is perfect. The big seating height of the Hannibal is very important for us. Impex machines serviceability is very good, because all the components are easy to access and the service covers are big and wide opening. 


Impex at the DLG Waldtage 2019 in Lichtenau

Visit the Impex demonstration team on 13th to 15th of september on stand C348 at DLG Waldtage in Lichtenau/Germany. Impex is demonstrating the Hannibal T50 at standing tree harvesting. Hannibal T50 is a impressive 50 ton class harvester with upright tree harvesting capabilities.


We are exhibiting with our customer Kaiser Forstbetrieb. Kaiser shows its tracked Harvester Mini Königstiger, and interesting forest road and wild safety fence solutions.


We are looking forwad to your visit on our stand C348.


First Hannibal T50 in france

After intensive demonstrations in Morvan in burgundy region our customerBongard-Bazot et Fils (BBF) decided to invest in the first Hannibal T50 in France, the machine was sold by our dealer Clohse. Hannibal T50 impressed harvesting a old douglas stock with up 110cm tree stump diameter with its unmatched performance in this compact machine design. This strong stock was no problem for the Hannibal T50 because of the Impex 12000 harvesting head with 1,2 meter felling diameter, 83 cm roller opening, best in class hydraulic and lifting capacity, and the telescopic undercarriage.


T50 in the french magazine Mecanisation Forestiere 

This impressive demonstration was topic in a article in the french forestry magazine Mecanisation Forestiere, with the Hannibal on the cover.


 Meca 201907 Titel-1


After a short flashback on Impex history, the article is about the technical details of the T50 such as the tree holder, special telescopic undercarriage, and impressive performance of the machine. The topic of the article is further about the organisation about this demonstration between our dealer Clohse and BBF.




Our demonstrator operator Andreas tells about his throughout positive experience with the Hannibal T50 in different typs of forests and trees. After this the article referes to the details of the Impex harvesting head.




Summarizing the working strategy at standing tree harvesting, the conclouson is that the T50 is a convincing addition to the BBF line up of harvesters. Maybe the machine is now more often seen in the Morvan area...