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17. KWF-Conference - forests human markets





The 17th KWF Conference in Roding is the world's largest forest machinery exhibition in the forest and takes place every 4 years; In Bavaria she was no longer a decade. All forestry machines in the forest in the real use to experience is nowhere else in this form possible. The Impex has been the fifth time with a big machine at the KWF fair. The signatory has organized the fourth of these Impex trade fairs.




Visiting the visitors was enormous, especially on the half-hour demonstrations, and in every way postive. We have signed several contracts at the show. The extensive preparations, the use of time and costs have paid off in every way, even for the image of the company.
Such an intensive contact with many prospective customers and customers with creative ideas is never in the everyday life of business life.












16. KWF-Meeting - Exhibition in Bopfingen

T30-1The 16th KWF-Meeting in Bopfingen from 13.-16. June 2012 was an impressive show of forestry. The wide range of events, of study tours and the Expo made the diversity and innovation in the industry significantly.

With 538 exhibitors from 27 countries, as many as never before, and with a high proportion of political and forestry prominent people the show has shown its position as the world's primary forest event.


The IMPEX Forstmaschinen GmbH presented among other their highlights:

  • Newly developed Kingtiger T25 with a telescopic drive
  • Kingtiger T30 with movable drive





More impressions of the Exhibition






2. KWF-Focus-Days 2013

Environmentally sound management of wet forest sites

The 2nd KWF-Focus Days takes place in October 2013, this time in cooperation with the forest administration of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The event is held in the forestry office Schuenhagen. Its motto is "Environmentally sound management of wet forest sites". Please wear appropriate footwear.

Information and discussion forums, and detailed practical demonstrations give participants the opportunity to discuss the topic with experienced experts from Germany and abroad.


More informations of the Focus-Days at


IMPEX demonstrations at the Focus-Days

T-25-Moor-1IMPEX-Kingtiger T25 Moor

The IMPEX-Kingtiger T25 Moor is a versatile tracked harvester in the 25-tonne class, designed for permanently wet sites. It is equally suitable for thinning an clearfell sites, salvage and clear-cutting work in medium-growth woodland.





HSM208F-Moor-1HSM 208F 10 to Moor

The HSM 208F 10 to Moor is a affordable and universal short wood harvester/forwarder with much larger footprint.

Thanks tire belts up to 1340mm wide, it also goes where no one else travels more.






Both machines in use in bog




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