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Hannibal T50


IMPEX Hannibal T50 is a 50 ton tracked harvester with standing tree harvesting capabilities. 4,5 ton net lifting capacity, 700 liter/minute hydraulic flow, 320 hp engine and 1,2 meter felling diameter make it the highest capacity harvester in its class. It is suitable for heavy duty forestry applications in the most challenging conditions. The standing tree harvesting capabilities help you protect your natural regeneration and advance planting resulting in profitable forestry




Your IMPEX - advantges

  • 4,5 ton net lifting capacity
  • 720 liter/minute hydraulic flow
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Low rear swivel radius
  • Powerfull slope compensation
  • Operator friendly MAXCAB cab
  • High capacity and low weight IMPEX harvester heads
  • Tree holder for standing tree harvesting
  • Special telescopic forestry undercarriage and tracks
  • Heavy duty dozer blade with large toolbox

Your IMPEX - Advantages


Best in class lifting capacity


High lifting capacity is key for standing tree harvesting. Hannibal T50 delivers you unmatched 4,5 ton net lifting capacity even at full 15 meter reach. The rear hinged boom effects a very even lifting force course.

Best in class hydraulic capacity


Three hydraulic pumps with 2x280 liter/min und 1x140 liter/min give you up to 720 liter/min hydraulic flow for smooth and productive operation.


Best in class tail swing


Hannibal T50 has the smallest tail swing in its class. Consequence is eleminating tree damage at the skid trail.                                                         

Tilting mechanism


The T50's strong tilting mechanism offers you 26° slope compensation to the front, 12°to the sides and 6° to the rear. 335 kN drive force and up to 70% climbing ability lets you deal with every slope and every hill.


Best in class cab


Hannibal T50 is equipped with the spacious MaxCab. Low noise levels and operator friendly ergonomics resulting in minmum operator fatigue. Cab lift on 4.5 meter height, continuous front window without grid guard and the roof window give you superiour visibility. The sliding door lets you enter the cab easily. Light up the night with the LED lighting package and 18 LED work lights with 54000 lumen.

Biggest felling diameter in its class


Our Impex harvester heads 12000 and 10000 offer you up to 1200mm felling diameter ads flexibility to your operation and gives you the ability for strong wood harvesting. IMPEX harvesting heads are high capacity and light weight for less crane and slewing ring wear and high net lifting capacity.




Special forestry equipment


Impex offers a special tree holder with telescopic rocker arm for standing tree harvesting. It is special built for forestry use with external hydraulic cylinders for excelent accessability. The tree holder is eqipped with a clambunk holding the tree save.


Special forestry undercarriage


Hannibal T50's undercarriage is purpose built for forestry use. It has a massive hardox base plate that protects the undercarriage against stones, tree stumps and branches. The tracks can be telescoped on every side 850 mm each for 4,0 meter track width for increased stability. Of course the machine also can be operated with less track width. The undercarriage can be used as a slide for tree length harvesting. 



Heavy duty dozer blade


Our heavy duty dozer blade increases the stability of the machine further. The tool box provides 285 liters of room for your tools and forestry equipment.


Standing tree harvesting


Close to nature forestry - standing tree harvesting



Hannibal T50 with tree holder and telescopic rocker arm for standing tree harvesting


Standing tree harvesting means that the harvested tree is lifted out of the stock and cutted to length on the skid trail. Despite to conventional harvesting the harvested tree is not falling into the stock and the stock is not getting damaged. 



The natural regeneration is not damaged resulting in shorter rotation periods, saving planting time and costs. When it gets to pre planting, standing tree harvesting preserves the planted trees and saves your investment in a sustainable forestry.



Standing tree harvesting is also enviromental friendly. Autochtonous and location adapted trees are automatically used for the regeneration of your forest. Pre planting is made easy which helps you to change your forest in to a mixed deciduous and coniferous forest. This also helps saving the climate, because the young trees under the old ones have a high photsynthesis performance and are absorbing high ammounts of Co2.


IMPEX Hannibal T50 with tree holder: Economy and ecology hand in hand

Customer Voices


Forstverwaltung Castell zu Castell, Hochburg, Austria


WhatsApp Image 2019-09-25 at 13.49.09


The Hannibal T50 is a machine with unmatched performance. It’s convincing design features compactness at a moderate 50 ton dead weight. The machine has at full 15 meter reach oft he impex made special forestry crane perfect stability, even when harvesting 4-5 solid cubic meter spruces. Reason for that is the well balanced weight distribution and the telescopic undercarriage with up to 85 cm telescopic way.


 In 2018, the forestry administration Castell & Castell in Hochburg, Austria, invested in a Hannibal T50 with tree holder, telescopic undercarriage and Impex 12000 harvesting head. Castell & Castell has a spruce and hard wood operation with about 12400 acres, right behind the German – Austrian border near Burghausen.  

The Hannibal T50 substitutes a MY 2010 Impex Königstiger T30 with Lako 83 harvesting head. Dr. Bernhard Mitterbacher, forestry chief at Castell & Castell: „Our first Impex machine was a Königstiger crawler harvester from 2004. We operated it towards the end of the operational life with a Lako 83 harvesting head, the machine was a bit to small for the head. We operated in terms of engine & hydraulic output and weight at the limit. The Königstiger T30 could offer this additionally needed capacity in 2010. At the next investment decision in a new machine in 2018 the same thougts wer crucial: A bit more capacity in all belongings. Upright tree harvesting was a non – issue for us at the time.“


 At Castell & Castell for regeneration first and foremost natural regeneration is used.

That is why already before buying the T50, Castell was very carefull with the natural regeneration. The trees where felled feathered towards the skid trail, the crown of the trees falling on the skid trails. After that, the tree was moved with the harvesters delimbing knifes to the skid trail, where it was cut to length. „I did know about the upright tree harvesting for a longer time, but i was sceptical about that. I thought it is exaggerated, to complicated. A Hannibal T50 demonstration gave me the chance, to deal closer with upright tree harvesting. It was found, that it worked excellent and outstandingly well“, says Dr. Mitterbacher. „The Hannibal has all in all a superior performance, especially in selective timber harvesting. The old system was ok for me, but with upright tree harvesting you have almost no felling damages.“


 Above that the Impex 12000 harvesting head’s big 1,2 meter felling diameter convinced Castell & Castell. No additional lumberjacks are needed anymore, when harvesting trees with 2 to 3 solid cubic meter. The Impex 12000 head has a light weight 2200 kg, so there are huge 4,5 ton net lifting capacity left for upright tree harvesting. Castells director of operations Mr. Allerstorfer, adressed on the machines operators comfort: In my eyes, the operator comfort is perfect. The big seating height of the Hannibal is very important for us. Impex machines serviceability is very good, because all the components are easy to access and the service covers are big and wide opening. 



Dimensions and Weight

Dead weight 48 - 52 to (depending on equipment)
Height 3650 mm
Width 3000 mm
Reach 15000 mm
Lifting capacity at full reach With IMPEX 12000 harvesting head: 4500 kg
  Without harvesting head: 6800 kg

Undercarriage and drive

1. Gear 2,6 km/h
2. Gear 4,7 km/h
Climbing ability 70%
Track size 600-800mm (depending on equipment)
Ground clearance 550mm
Tilting unit V/S/H


Undercarriage track width 2,30 (Transport) // 4,00 (working)


Type Cummins QSB 6.7 Tier 4 final
Cylinders / cylinder displacement 6/6,7 Liter
Output 235kW/320PS
Electrics 24V/120 Ah
Fuel tank 460 Liter


Pump capacity 700 Liter / Minute

2x280 L/min + 1x140 L/min

Hydraulic oil cooler 10 kW, separater oil cooling curcuit
Hydraulic oil tank 490 Liter

Harvesting head

Type IMPEX 12000
Felling diameter 1200 mm
Delimbing diameter 800 mm
Gross feed force up to 47,5 kN
Dead weight 2300 kg
Control and measuring system Motomit IT / PC



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