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Impex crawler harvester: "Königstiger T25"

The IMPEX Königstiger T25 is a purpose-built, versatile crawler harvesters in the 24 - 28 to class. It is suitable for both first-and oldthinning - in moderate stands on difficult terrain.


Crawler harvester:

Crawler harvester with fully revolving superstructure, special forest crane, noise-insulated raising/lowering cab, heating by cooling water heat, short back version with special counterweight system, rear swivelling radius 1750 mm. superstructure tilts 27° forward, 6 ° sideways. Complete superstructure protection with specially headlights.



6 cylinder engine, Commonrail with direct fuel injection, turbocharging and charge air cooling with 126 kW/171 HP at 1900 min. Combined cooler for the liquids in engine and intercooler. Encapsulation of the engine for sound insulation and dry air filter with safety element.


Hydraulic system:

Pumps with higher capacity with higher capacity at low speed, the main control valve, with an additional, second circuit for harvester head. Larger cross-sections with SAE flange.
Two variable displacement pumps with automatic reset to minimum power in the neutral position of the operating lever, maximum flow rate: 2x220 l/min.


Electrical system:

Complete electrical system with 24 Volt generator 100 Ah.



The undercarriage has a track with 2,40 m (optional till 3,00m), increased track chain with sealed bushings, in each case 9 plain roller and two support rollers, hydraulic drive with two speeds, two axial piston motors, automatic disc brakes in oil bath with hydraulic return, riding gear: canvas in oil bath gearbox of his own, pulling steadily for 70% of terrain slope.




The unit is equipped with a full cabin and a protective guard for the superstructure.

Optional in addition: a stable dozer blade with a great toolbox built on.


Boom combination:

Special forest crane with hydraulic telescopic extension, with an overall projection of 15000 mm.



Transport position: width 3000, height 3580, length 9980 mm



26.500 up to 28.500 kg – per equipment.


Harvester aggregate:

Lako-IMPEX VV 675 including joystick lever und Motomit IT measurement and control system with thermal printer.

Optional: Lako-IMPEX VV 786 with 12,50 m crane range.



pdf-picOverview of technical data

Königstiger T25




Model Kingtiger T25 Moor

The new Kingtiger T25 Moor, with a 130 cm wide, 3-stage base and 2 x 50 cm telescopic travelling gear which is some 50% longer than traditional gear, gives it a huge footprint with very low contact pressure.


With its 16-metre boom, the T25 Moor guarantees high productivity while still protecting bogs and permanently wet sites.


pdf-picOverview of technical data

Kingtiger T25 Moor


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