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Impex crawler harvester: "Königstiger T30"

The IMPEX Königstiger T30 is a purpose-built, versatile crawler harvesters in the 30 to class. It is suitable for both first-and oldthinning - in moderate stands on difficult terrain.


Crawler harvester:

Crawler harvester with fully revolving superstructure, two lifting cylinders, base arm, noise-insulated raising/lowering cab, break-proof Lexan windshield, automated air conditioner, short back version with special counterweight system, rear swivelling radius 2300 mm, superstructure tilts 26° forwards and 12° sideways.



Liquid-cooled 6-cylinder diesel engine made by Deutz 165 kW / 224 hp, Combined cooler for the liquids in engine and intercooler.
830-litre Diesel fuel tank.


Hydraulic system:

High-performance piston pump with a capacity of 610 l/min and power regulation, featuring automatic load pressure compensation for simultaneously control of several working movements with hydraulic servo actuation, burst pipe protection for the tilting cylinder.
Large dimensioned oil cooler with 100 kW output, including hydraulic fan drive with cleaning function, special hydraulic equipment depending on pressure and litre specifications for operating a processor.
In case of not using an IMPEX-Lako processor, the hydraulic capacity must be checked.


Electical system:

Complete electrical system with 24V generator (80 A), including 12 headlights.



Complete heavy-duty undercarriage, integrated hydraulic drive with planetary gear for each crawler chain, automatic, hydraulically controlled holding brakes and travelling brake valves, integrated chain guides at the overall chassis, each crawler chain is equipped with two additional continuous chain support guides, chain tension is adjusted via grease cylinders, pre-tensioning is done by elastomer tightener. 9 tread rollers and 2 carrier rollers on each side. 600 mm mono grouser chain crawler unit for steep slopes with reinforced drive for continuous use in extreme conditions.

Plastic or rubber-lined crawler shoes are also available at an additional charge. Gigant D7E chassis parts, Chain width 2400mm, width adjustable, overall width 3000mm when using 600mm crawler shoes, two setting traction motor.



The unit is equipped with complete protection of the cab plus a safety bar and bumper/crash protection.



Pressure accumulator for emergency lowering of the arm system, windshield wiper, roof hatch as window with wiper, comfortable seat with arm-rests, air suspension, and seat heating.

Main battery switch. Fire extinguisher. Vacuum pump.
Additional accelerator pedal for driving “straight ahead”.
Swivel motion through pressure raising.


Boom combination:

Boom for forestry work with two bottom hydraulic jacks, single-extension telescope with an overall projection of 15.000 mm.
This boom is designed for operation with processor type Lako-IMPEX VV 786 or 1118.



Transport position: width 3,000 mm, height 3,400 mm, length 12,000 mm.



32.000 up to 40.000 kg


Harvester unit:

LAKO-IMPEX VV 786: including joystick lever und Motomit IT measurement and control system with thermal printer.



pdf-picOverview of technical data

Königstiger T30


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