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IMPEX Rubber Tracks

Hannibal GUmmi

Impex rubber tracks are your best solution to protect soil and surfaces when working with your tracked machine. Our rubber tracks are suitable for all kinds of tracked vehicles such as crawler harvesters or excavators. The product is made of the plastic PU Intec-E vulcanized on track base plates. This combination of material and production technique results in unique product performance and exeptional durability through many thounds of working hours, even in the most challenging conditions such as forestry or demolition.


Your IMPEX advantages:

  • Increased cost efficiency
  • Best durability
  • Long lifetime even in demanding conditions
  • Best soil and surface protection
Bodenplatte 1



5000 hours


10000 hours 

We offer following plastic base plates

Plate type


B4 700 mm
B6 800 mm asymetric 350/450
B60 700 mm
D7E 800 mm


Other types and sizes on request.


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