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"Forest machines must run ..."

...therefore the service of IMPEX has a particularly high status!



at our factory in Bogen we repair all kind of forest machines. With a powerful team of well-trained technicians, we solve your forest machines problems safely.


Mobile Workshop:

Many repairs are accomplished on-site, in the woods less expensive and less time-consuming for the customer. Our well-equipped workshop buses are always ready.


Parts for sale:

Our extensive range includes all parts for the machines and the IMEPX LAKO aggregates, as well as many spare and wear parts for Timberjack / John Deere, Valmet, Kesla and others.

By telephone and by courier or overnight express timely supply, the counter sale in the work place should be mentioned as well.


Transport Services:

For many years Impex carriers are in use, with respect to best experiences of quality, price and time. The following agents are working for us:

  • Rauscheröd, Ralf Alex, 94496 Ortenburg, 08542 96041
  • Staber Alfred, A-9711 Parternion, 0043 4245 51620
  • Völkl Rudolf. 94315 Straubing, 09421 71967
  • Gebr. Merz, 89368 Winterbach, 09075 304

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