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IMPEX Hannibal T50

Harvesters for the toughest jobs


In standing-stem harvesting, the tree is lifted out of the surrounding trees while the harvester is standing on the logging track. In contrast to conventional harvesting methods, the tree does not fall into the surrounding trees during felling, but is delimbed and cut to length on the logging track.

This protects the young growth, which is not damaged by the falling tree. And therefore it also benefits the ecology. This is because natural regeneration means enabling native trees and plants adapted to the site to regenerate.This helps to build a near-natural and species-rich mixed forest.

Impex T50 Hannibal in Action:


Top 10 arguments for the use of the Hannibal T50

  •  4.8 tonnes net lifting capacity
  •  1,000 l/min hydraulic output
  •  340 hp engine power
  •  Tree holder with double trapezoidal telescope
  •  Telescopic forestry crane for standing-stem harvesting
  •  Low fuel consumption
  •  Small pivoting radius
  •  Powerful tilt mechanism with large tilt angle
  •  Forestry undercarriage, chassis telescopes by 85 cm on each side
  •  Sturdy blade with large toolbox
  •  Comfortable MaxCab 2 cab

Powerful harvester head

The Impex HD12000, fitted as standard on the Hannibal T50, features a high net lifting capacity with a low weight of only approx. 2,300 kg. At the same time, with a felling diameter of 1.2 metres and a drum opening of 85cm drum opening best conditions to take on any tree without having to make multiple cuts.

Accessibility and maintenance

We attach special importance to the ease of maintenance of our machines. Daily maintenance can only be carried out effectively if all important components are easily accessible and maintenance points are conveniently designed. We have achieved this with a side-mounted, easily accessible engine with pumps and through open, intelligent hose routing with easily accessible, protected installation of all screw connections.

Maxcab 2 cab

The cab of the Hannibal T50 is a driver's paradise when it comes to long working days. Large window areas, low noise levels and ergonomically placed controls ensure both performance and comfort. The large overhead window provides a good view of the tree canopy.

Full technical specifications can be found here: