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Impex Harvester Aggregat HD 12000

IMPEX HD 12000 Harvester Aggregat

Optimum productivity and economy with very light weight and a long service life

Harvester heads from Impex offer the highest levels of productivity and cost-effectiveness. Our harvester heads are very light for their performance class and extremely durable thanks to their special components.

Top arguments for the Impex HD 12000

  •  Low weight of only 2,200 kg
  •  Felling diameter 1,200 mm
  •  Delimbing diameter 850 mm
  •  ¾ inch chainsaw, bar 1.35 meters
  •  Very high traction force
  •  Sturdy design
  •  Productive pruning of thick-branched trees
  •  5 movable delimbing knives
  •  Control Impex XLogger